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Wellbutrin sr and body tingling all over

does wellbutrin sr cause tingling of the body stopped prozac on the 10th of june and on the 15th i staerted tingling all over,alwso was switched from adderall to ritalin thought it might be the ritalin so i stopped it for awile,but the tingling is bad driving me nuts.pharmmist suggested stopping wellbutrin for the weekend and see if tingling goes away  any ideas
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It might be a reaction from Wellbutrin but also might be your anxiety getting worse as your are switching medication which is increasing your anxiety considerably.

I would try non-stimulating antidepressants... Have a look at Remeron. Its a tetracyclic antidepressant, it doesn't inhibit the reuptake of serotonin or norepinephrine, it is antagonising those, basically increasing the production. You take it before bed and it knocks you to sleep.

Stimulating antidepressant are usually not good with anxiety.

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This need to be discussed with your doctor first tho.

Remeron is perfectly safe to combine with other medications and it is probably the antidepressant with less interactions. Talk to your doctor about it.

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Hi Hazyworld,I have tried countless of antidepressants and I always get that tingling,like a million little insects crawling under your skin everytime I take any antidepressants.I know I get that with all of them,and it is so darn frusturating
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i have been on remeron in the past made me to fat and as it is my hubby wants me to lose twentyfive pounds

i was so depressed yesterday and that was on prozac wellbutrin ritalin and xanx,,i dont really know what to do.........dr   says i can have 2 or 3 beers with meds but they all interact risk of seizures how ami suppose to enjoy a beer
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The reality is that in indeed alcohol and Wellbutrin are increasing your chances of getting seizures but that is if you are prone to seizures first. Any history of seizures?

Indeed Remeron will make you gain weight as it is supposed to stimulate you appetite without mentioning the possible interactions with your metabolism to make you gain weight.

Doctor says that you can have 2-3 beers with meds based on an interaction we call increase, in this case, increased sedation while taking xanax, alcohol and any medications that can have sedative proprieties. This is a vague estimation not based on your metabolism, health and many variables. 2-3 beers is considered safe because 2-3 beer won't get your a strong sedative effect unless you drink 3 strong beers really fast.

I repeat that seizures you read on the internet on non-epileptic patients are rare and therefore should not be considered as a strong possible outcome and not to mention that you are already taking Xanax which haves strong anti-convulsive proprieties = very low risk of seizures in non-epileptic patients but also in epileptic patients so the odds are really low.

I would just finish by saying just like your doctor told you and enjoy you 2-3 beers as it is supposed, without worrying about interactions and seizures. With a good diet and sleep you should be fine.

You probably know that but avoid street drugs and non-prescribed medications.


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yes i avoid street drugs...i just done seem to be getting any relief from the meds.....my heart rate has been 112 for all day yesterday and this morning and pain on left side of breasr and left arm kinda feels funy my heart dr has told me time and againmy heart is ok..im still tingling and i cut down to 1 wellbutrin 2 days ago...still no return to sexual desire.every day is a struggle
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