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What Causes MEmory Loss?

What causes memory loss for depression, stress or something? By neuron cell breakdown?
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I wonder... I just know in 2004 when I started feeling worse, my short term memory went bye-bye too... Interesting coincidence?
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Sleep Deprivation, Depression and stress are the things of which one of them can be responsible for My Memory Loss and Memory Problems. Just want to know if it caused by Neuron cell breakdown or something else for the mentioned reasons.
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Well stress can effect practically everything, from your mind, to you defence system, and stress effects people in different ways. So when someone gets depressed their memory isnt effected until much later, whilst others suffer memory "glitches" even in the build up to depression.

So yeah I'd say stress, and as Arcicle said, sleep deprivation also can effect memory in huge ways, so there's another culprit.

- John -
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