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What does Narcolepsy feel like to you? Taken adderall long term as well.

I have a recent diagnosis but none of the meds help much. Cpap helps me to wake up in morn even tho I don't have sleep apnea (scored 3). I feel more like I can't move. I will get sleep attacks if I don't take provigil but that's all that drug does for me (keeps me awake for the most part but no energy to move). I have been on 40-60mg adderall for 20yrs and wonder if I have done damage to my dopamine receptors and thus the reason I feel like I can't move, even though physically, I can. Anyone else with narco or that's been on adderall for so long, feel this way? I really really really need help. I have been tested for everything under the sun (except for chronic Lyme) and everything is normal except my questionable MSLT. It all started when I was in my second round and second month of taking accutane, maybe even this drug is related? I am not convinced of my narco diagnosis either as the doctor wasn't positive either but I did go into R.E.M. On first two naps.
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I don't have narcolepsy but have a family member that does.  Her's is atypical.  She doesn't nod off right in front of you.  But she has to take medication to stay away.  Not on the medication, she has a very small window that she can function.  It's difficult.  She describes it like something out of her control.  That she has to sleep, just has to. Not like being tired but like being drugged.  Does that make sense?  You sound like her rather than the pattern most people think of with narcolepsy.  

If you decrease your dose of Adderall, what happens?
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