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What happens at a Psychiatric assessment?

hi all
have been diagnosed with clinical depression for about 12 years but now doctors are concerned that i may have bipolar as i also have manic phases so are referring me to a psychiatrist for an assessment, i was just wondering if anyone else has been referred and what happens as i am a bit of a worrier if i don't know what to expect, i live in the uk so my gp cannot deal with this which is why i am being referred as this is the norm in this country.
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I would like to know too. I have an assessment early next month. I have some info the psych recptionist sent me today just suggesting I have someone who knows me go along as well to have some input.
This is very different to the public psychs I have seen who just get you in and out. This psych is private. I am not sure *how* exactly I will afford it, but I feel this is the only way I am going to get the answers and help I need.
I wish you all the best for your assessment. here's hoping this is the way forward for us.
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thanks for the reply, i hope your assessment goes well too!! have to wait a while before i see mine as its on the nhs, certainly can't afford to go private!! best of luck to you
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Hey I have been through a few of these. They are nothing to worry about. Of coarse every therapist is diferrent but the ones I have had were not too bad. You basically talk about your symptoms, how you feel, when, why, what are your triggers. And from that they decide what they believe your diagnosis is. It sux dragging up emotions, but that's how the process goes. So bring tissues if you are a cryer(like me) and plan on a nap afterwards because they can be emotionally draining, but nothing you can't handle. Getting better is the long term outcome just keep that in mind.That is what I will be thinking when I  start an intensive therapy program tomarrow, wish me luck. And good luck to you both, let me know how you do.
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thanks for the reply, good luck with your therapy, i hope it goes well for you
Sarah x
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