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What is an alternative to anti-depressant drugs for depression?

I started on Paxil and switch to Lexpro b/c of shocking zapping feeling in my brain.  The lexpro has work well for almost 2 years, but like many others online I am wondering if it is sabtoging my diet with weight gain.

I notice my memory is really bad.  Someone will tell me something and I forget it right away. So after reading this I feel I need to make a change.

If I need to take meds I will, but the darn side effects are causing me to jump from one med to another.  This is very troubling.  The medical prof. has done some help, but they sure have not perfected anti-depressants.

I pray that God will help us all!  I want my mind back and my memory!!!  Doesn't anyone relate?
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There are a lot of other options for Depression. Most people utilize Medication and therapy because they seem to be the most effective.

There are natural alternatives, (never worked for me, but some people swear by them)
There is also Eastern Medicens like accupuncture for depression. (not sure how effective that is.)
There is also the option of VNS implant surgury for severe depression. (while proven to be effective, the cost of the implant surgury is around $40,000 and insurance usually won't pay)

There is also ECT. (Not something I would subject myself to, but for some it works)

I think with meds, it just depends on if the benifit your getting from them out weighs the dissadvantages of the side effects. In my case my Depression is much worse than the many side effects I get from them so it's worth it for me.

If the side effects are worse than your depression then I think meds might not be the best treatment for you. It's kind of a double edged sword I guess. Some people get really bad side effects from this stuff, so I can understand why it's not for everyone.

I hope you find a treatment that agrees with you soon.
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