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I've been really depressed for a long time, but I had learned some things that help.  such as reading, watching a movie and stuff liek that.  Well me and my boyfriend broke up and it has been really really rough becuase we had dated for soooo long and he became my best friend.  well now ive lost that, and ive tried everything i know not to be depressed such as reading, writing, and watching movies.  but nothing is helping.

Does anyone know anything that can help me right now? I am on medication (Pristiq) and have been for 7 weeks.  Also, I am in therapy but it doesnt help too much with depression.  Both therapy and medication have helped me tremedously with anxiety, but i have sooo much depression.  What can i do? I feel so helpless and lost..
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Depression causes alot of chemicals to be released (imbalances).  Check the foods you are eating and know every chemical the labels have listed.  God (the higher power) has given us an automatic cure....instead of being so self-absorbed, open your heart and start helping others....this will in-turn change the way your thinking and change your life!  Stop telling yourself you are depressed...the mind follows what-ever you tell it!
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Depression symptoms due to a breakup take time to subside. You know why you are depressed and you are feeling the 'loss'.  These feelings will subside in time but for some it takes longer then others.  Keeping busy is great.  Keep busy with interaction with others moreso then being off alone with your thoughts.
There will be other guys and other relationships. Learn from each one, the good and the bad.
Get involved in things you enjoy doing and bring happiness into your life.
I know how anxiety always complicates everything and makes everything more difficult to deal with.  But know tommorow is another day, better things are ahead and happiness awaits you if you actively look for it.  Take care.
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