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I don't know what to do anymore. I always have this urge to cry and for most of the part there is a problem to cause it. But there are times I will cry and I think about why I am actually crying, and I can't even think of a reason to why I would be crying for the first place. I always think about things into the extreme depth of everything, and over analyze everything. But right now I have also hit rock bottom. Lost my job, I try to start fights with my boyfriend all the time when I should just let it go. As he says. I am just wondering if I should go to counselling? But I need to know if that is where I should turn? I want to solve this problem really badly.
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I highly recommend counseling. To me, it sounds like you may have depression.  It's sad that you lost your job. I hope you find another one soon.
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Hi, I presume, as you are on the depression site you may feel you have depression.  Is that because you cry a lot?  A doctor will be able to tell you if you have depression, but there may be another reason why you are crying.  Sounds like you are in a bad place what with losing your job, and fighting with your boyfriend.

I suggest you visit a doctor before you go to a counsellor.  
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Yeah I think you should go to counselling too.  Losing your job can really affect you. But when I get random urges to cry, it's usually chemical. If your therapy doesn't work for you, think about seeing a psychiatrist.
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