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What will happen in psychotherapy?

I'm a girl of 15, living in Italy. I've been seeing a psychologist for the last 6/7 months- he just recently told me that from september we will be shifting from "consultation" to "psychotherapy". To date we've been taking a few tests: Rorschach's, and T.A.T. And talking about some of my issues, from self harm, depression, suicidal tendencies, to my issues with relationships, bonding and autoisolation.

What will change with psychotherapy? WHAT is psychotherapy?
I don't think there will be any medicinals or diagnoses- he says he's against those kinds of treatments.

What happens in psychotherapy?
Could you please add some exaples? Because I KNOW we will be working on my issues, I can't really immagine HOW we could do that.
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Psychotherapy is generally looking into the reasons whyyou do something and trying to make you understand the causes of your behavour and reactions. If there is a particaular issue in your past that affected you it will look at why it had such an effect and try to allow you to move beyond it if it is stopping you behaving in a "normal' way.
This website has quite a useful introduction and probably explains it better than i can.
there are differnt schools of psychotherapy which all have different ideas about what exactly should happen in a psychotherapy session. again this website lists most of them and give details.http://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/different_types_of_psychotherapy.html
your psychologist might be happy to discuss the methodology or approach they use with you.

hope that was helpful
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You're psychologist probably doesn't belive in medicines to treat psychological problems because he is not allowed to prescribe them.  But if you can work thru your issues without the meds, it is the best way to go.  Psychiatrist tend to use both.  I personally didn't find a psychologist helpful, but everyone is different and hoprefully yours' is help you.  I would take the advice of ellepixie, and do some research.
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