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When do you know if you need to be in inpatient treatment for depression/anxiety/stress?

I have considered going to an inpatient treatment facility once I am done with school in about a year. I don’t know if I need it though. I would like to be able to really just see someone more often and go away for a while. Get away from life. I know I don’t need to go to a hospital, but at least somewhere that will help me cope with stress, anxiety and get me to stop smoking. Plus, before I start working in my career, I want to have my depression under control.
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Inpatient treatment facilities are reserved for people who have active symptoms that could not be managed in an outpatient setting. It makes perfect sense if someone feels suicidal or has destructive urges to go to one. Or if there is a medication that has severe side effects that needs monitoring such as when I went to the Clozaril clinic (however even that was partial day hospital). But if not, it should be used as a means to escape from things. I would say anything you want accomplished could be done in an outpatient setting including a clinic with a psychiatrist, therapist and support groups. You could look up Nami or National Empowerment Center for some support groups. As well, there are independent living centers which are organizations for people with all disabilities and there is one in every county of each state and they might have general disability support groups, although not medical model (but not anti-treatment) that might be helpful as well.
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I think for everyone it's different. In my case I have to litterally be one step from suicide before I will allow myself to be addmitted.

Each person has their own tolerance level in terms of how much mental pain they can handle. I think this also changes with time. I am a cronic 17 years suferer of this illness, so my tolerance level is probably much higher than a person that is new to the illness.

I will say that when it reaches a point where you simply can not fuction on a daily basis, then it's time for inpatient care.

Also if you feel Immenently suicidal then obviously it also time to go.

In my case I am so used to being beat up by this illness that my tolerance and threshhold of mental pain might be considerably higher than some others.

Kind of depends on the person I guess.

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