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Which medication is good for me? What's wrong with me?


I'll make this quick and to the point, I would really appreciate some advice before I go see my family doctor in 3 days.

My issues: Major irritability, overall anger (at myself, the world, my situation), depression

Medications tried: Paxil in 1996 (Worked amazingly well the first time, than stopped it because I thought I did not need it anymore..2nd time around it made me extremely anxious and "freaked out"
Serzone: Cannot remember how I felt
Effexor: Did ok on it, but made me very numb, also had the same feeling as the 2nd time I tried Paxil when it was raised over 100mg (made me extremely anxious and "freaked out")
Celexa: Immediately made me extremely anxious and "freaked out"

Since the Celexa episode, I've been hesitant to take anything else, this was almost 1 year ago, but now I am really out of it, my job is even at risk, I don't know what to do... Talking to someone does not help much. I really need some advice on medication...Thank you
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I forgot to mention that I've lost all confidence, self esteem & motivation.
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Medications rarely work all on their own.  When combined with therapy, either group or private on a regular basis, we get to the source of the depression and then learn how to work on the issues that are causing us suffering.

Talk therapy is still the prescribed way to go for many people who suffer from depression. A successful recovery from depression involves a dedication to daily work that can also involve meditation, yoga, journaling, and there are also many free groups like Emotions Anonymous that might fit your needs.

Good luck to you on your journey

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