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Why I may quit taking anti depressants soon, and a question about this subject.

I enjoyed smoking marijuana. At least I did until I was on Zoloft, then Welbutrin. I switched from Zoloft because it caused mild E.D. that went away when I started on Welbutrin. All is fine down south now. However, I do not get much in the way of euphoria when I smoke pot. My depression is considerably less but my creativity and euphoria are almost gone. I was publishing good stuff in literary journals and now no creative juices flow. I'm going to quit Welbutrin and go back to being depressed unless you can suggest an alternative. I don't want to give up my art just so I can feel flat. I think anti depressants have way too many unwanted side effects to be worth it in the long run.
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Depression and manic depression is often related with creativity. The list of known people with depression or manic depression is long, some of the bests are on that list.

Tho you can try another kind of antidepressant which will work differently than inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin and go for an antagonist or go back to a depressive state with creative juice.

Everyone can react differently to drugs tho. I am a musician, composer, orchestrator and producer, I do movie music style, you can see my webpage with songs on my profile. To be honest I think the lack of motivation to being creative is what is affecting me on a creative level. My lack of motivation must be because of chronic pain and depression because of it too. Anyway, I want to avoid stimulants as I have muscle spasms issues which is probably causing my chronic occipital neuralgia.

You can also try to get off the medication and go with a more natural approach such as St John's Wort, healthy diet, exercise etc. Those are things that will have impacts on your hormones and brain chemistry therefore it could result is not being depressed.

Personally I think depression is a good creative juice... Hard to make a choice eh?

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I switched off Welbutrin and back to Zoloft. I've had terrible nightmares on the Welbutrin and cut my zoloft in half for now. I am seeing my doctor in three weeks and I should be okay until then. I want to see if a smaller dose of zoloft will still relieve the depression and not be as much of a block to my creativity and my erections.
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Try reduction in dosage, just enough to make the depression livable, ask your Doctor about this.  Once you have stabilised you may not need the full dose !

There have been recent postings about this problem, you are not the only one thinking like this.
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I was orignally on 100 Zoloft and then it was cut to 50. Then I switched to Welbutrin. Now I'm switching to Zoloft and I cut the pill in half to 25. That seems to be working so far. If it turns out that the e.d. returns I'll try be happy to try another anti depressant. If I have to stick with Zoloft I wonder if they'll give me an rx for Cialis or one of those medications. It's kind of expensive without a rx. My girlfriends older brother takes Cialis but he isn't on anti depressants.. He is just getting on in years (61) so not that old. Anyway..thanks.
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thanks for the replies to my question. i am on a smaller dose of Zoloft and the depression is still under control. However, the e.d. has returned but not as bad. Someone gave me a single tab of Viagra and that worked fairly well. I'd like to try Cialis and stay on Zoloft. If the creativity is stifled I'll have to work with my doctor to remedy that problem. Thanks. I was told to vote on the best reply. The two people who replied gave equally good advice. I'd like to call it a tie. :) Thanks much.
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