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Why does life have highs and lows?

I don't understand why life has to be a ***** when everything is going well life kicks in and knocks you off that high horse that your on and throws you back into that hell hole that you just crawled out of. I just don't understand it anymore what can I do to make life my ***** and just be happy?
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I think many of us have wondered this same thing many times!!  Life is full of ups and downs and it's how we handle the "downs" that count.  Often it appears we have more downs than ups, but we need to keep fighting and not get discouraged.  The important thing is to not be too hard on yourself, get back up and keep going, it will pay off in the end.  Those of us who struggle a lot are stronger and we are learning a lot of life's lessons.  Know you're not alone with this, we're all getting knocked down and we just have to learn from it all and keep going.  I don't know if we're being tested or what, but if so......we're winning!  Dwell on the good in your life, knowing there is always someone worse off.  Sometimes it's difficult to see the good for all the negative, but never lose sight of it!  Each time we fall and pick ourselves back up, we become stronger and wiser so look at life as a learning experience and use it in every way to improve your own life along the way.  I'm sure each time you get back on the horse you remain longer than before....a big step forward!  We're always here to listen and help in any way we can, and I hope knowing you're not alone helps.  I wish you all the best and take care.
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Kick it in the balls with a chuck norris round house kick (how that gets the balls im not sure)

Okay for a real answer

There are so many factors that go into play that you really cant say its just this or just that. In all truth life also has ways of helping you out of these hell holes. Life is a cycle after all. So its bound to keep going around. for what Ive live of it Ive had horrid horrible times and then Ive had great times. Ive learned that the good and hard times are all based on each other. I went without any electric for a month or more and it was awful but I adapted and in truth some great memories came from it. Sure breakfast lunch and dinner was double cheese bugers from mcdonalds but thats not so bad.  What I'm saying is that when you suffer you realize how good you have it. We hear about the starving people, and we make jokes. We say stupid things to make ourselves feel food while we bit into a big burger. But when you suffer you realize how much you have and how the times aren't as bad as they can get. So learn from your pain and grow to become stronger
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Great wise words @Mammo. @kwb... I fully relate.

Right now I wish I could just jump off a bridge but I don't even have enough energy to get out of bed. I've always struggled with depression since my early teens & I'm now in my late twenties & feeling no better.

Ironically I'm always there for others & support them through their hard times emotionally but I can't seem to help heal myself. I feel so broken & lonely & at the same time I have so many people around me.  
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