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Worsening depression

I've been taking Wellbutrin 150mg XL once a day for over 2 weeks and while I'm fine in the morning, the depression sinks in later in the afternoon and all I want to do is eat cake, ice cream, sugary junk foods, and sleep. Why isn't the Wellbutrin keeping me "up" all day?  

Is craving sugary foods suggestive of serotonine deficiency?  After I eat them I immediately get a jolt of energy and keep going but the problem is that I always overeat and already gained 10lb.  

How do I stop this?  Take the Wellbutrin twice/day or something else in the afternoon?  

Any ideas are welcomed.

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Have you had your blood sugars checked for diabetes?  Are you taking multiple vitamins/minerals? Any imbalances in your body can show symptoms. If you are not getting the right nutrients, you start craving foods.  B-complex can give you energy.
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if everything phsyically checks out with your doctor, i would recommend asking about abilify. they add it on to your anti-depressants and it usually kick starts everything.
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You need to give the Wellbutrin more time to reach a therapeutic level in your system, which is 4-6 weeks.  The sugary foods my be "comfort" foods for you, causing emotional eating. Any questions or concerns should be addressed with your prescribing doctor, he needs to know of any unusual things that occur while taking medication.  It's too soon to think about adding other medications, this one hasn't had time to work. Try not keeping the sugary foods in the house, and know that each day is bringing you closer to feeling better.
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