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Would a blood test reveal if i need supplements?

I'm often hearing people taking natural supplements to treat depression which i would really like to explore. I have taken some blood tests and my doctor never told me to try these supplements is it because she didn't think it would help me? or is it still something i can explore? Also should i be worried about the side effect of these supplements are they a great risk?
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First, the supplements used to treat depression aren't necessary for health unless you had a deficiency severe enough to cause it -- for example, a lack of B vitamins could result in depression.  Your blood tests didn't show these deficiencies or your doctor would have advised you to take more.  The natural program for dealing with depression involves taking a collection of substances, not just one, and would also include therapy, exercise, meditation, and the like -- a holistic treatment, not just taking one thing.  Most of the things used are herbs, for which there is no nutritional need, and amino acids which you're unlikely to be deficient in unless you eat no protein.  Start your homework with a book called Natural Highs by Hyla Case, a psychiatrist affiliated with UCLA, which gives an overview of how natural medicine is used for mental disorders.  Then, because you don't really know anything about this, look for a naturopath or doctor who practices integrated medicine for help putting together a program that will probably involve experimentation.  Also know that the vast majority of doctors not only know nothing at all about supplements, they don't believe in them.  After all, natural medicine competes with their income.  Make sure your doctor, though, has tested you for all the physiological problems that can cause mental disorders, such as thyroid problems, blood sugar imbalances, hidden viruses and bacterial infections, etc.  These require special blood tests your doctor might not have done.  
Sorry, my new browser changes a lot of words.  It says Hyla Case, it should have said Hyla Cass.  (It just tried to change it again -- curses).
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what type of blood tests did you have done?
Tbh i don't know i went to have it done and they had a sheet of paper with a bunch of checked clauses as if those are things to look for. I'm curiouse to further explore this cuz the root cause is very important i think.
Also i really appreciate your comment
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