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Wow...Remeron zapped my depression on the first day! Still very groggy!

I started taking Remeron this last Monday and started at 7.5mg at night. I was perscribed this due to major depression and insomnia. For two days I took the 7.5 but I felt so groggy and hard to get out of bed the next day. The next day I took the whole pill 15 mg. A little better but still the sleepy groggy feeling the next day. I called my psych doc yesterday and she told me to take two pills last night so that was 30mg. Today was alot better but still a little fuzzy during the day. I know the lesser you take, the more sedating. I am going to take 30mg again tonight. If anyone has taken Remeron before..... does this groggy feeling ever go away or are they going to have to up my dose again! I need the sedation part due to my insomnia problem. Just wondering! Otherwise I love it! This medicine made my depression go away in one day. I was really depressed for 6 weeks and it took for ever to see the doc.
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Indeed Remeron can have therapeutic effect sooner than the SSRIs or SNRIs because it is a serotonin receptor antagonist. Based on personal experiences, I can say the therapeutic lag was shorter than with a particular SNRI too. The catch is increased sedation and appetite stimulation. It a very unique antidepressant in its own kind and I am impressed with the results I get from Remeron but I'm experiencing hypersomnia on it.

I do not get the groggy feeling because I think I am compensating with extra sleep time. If your circadian rhythm hasn't been modified since taking the drug it is very probable you will experience this for a while until you become adapted to the drug.

I don't think a lower dose will cause more sedation, this idea is probably due to it's off-label use for insomnia on 15mg doses.


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