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Xanax vs Klonopin and other Benzos

I've heard that Xanax is one of the worst to take for long periods of time and the worst to stop as far as symptoms. Is this true? I am prescribed an antidepressant plus Klonopin 1mg a day....I also get Xanax .5 mg from my mom, as she doesn't take them but gets them from her dr. I would like to know what people know or have heard and experienced.


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I think you shouldnt be taking Xanax if it isnt prescribed to you. It highly addictive and hard to get off. You usually cannot cold turkey from it as it can cause health problems such as seizures. Take what is prescribed to you by your doctor and take it as prescribed. Anything else will lead you down a road you dont want to go. Good luck.
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I agree with Devonlee.  Xanax and Klonopin are both benzodiazepines, prescribed for anxiety.  Taking too many of these, or too much can have horrible effects on your body and mind.  Please stop taking the xanax.  The Klonopin, when taken as prescribed, should be just right for you.
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I was also givin klonopin for the first time by my doc yesterday for anxiety.  I'm now on day 4 clean for 160mg a day of oxycontin.  I could deal with the physical wd's but couldn't stand the anxiety attacks, hence the klonopin.  I'm prescribed .5mg twice a day but i took one last night for sleep and another about an hour later because it seemed like it didnt work.

I don't want to become addicted and I've read to taper is best.,But I also read you should not stop abrubtly taking this?  I didnt feel much taking them other either being hungry or tired. This is the first time I took klonopin and I have a bottle of 30.  I really hope I will be ok.  I just want to be dependent on vitamins and thats about it.
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Sorry to stick my oar in but from what I have read on another benzo site Klonopin is just as bad, if not worse, to get off of as Xanax so please be very careful
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Thank you for the comments and suggestions. I do appreciate them even if I don't take them and use them.
I know I should not take Xanax if not prescribed but I also currently take other things not prescribed, Norco and Tramodol. I guess that is why I am on here. I have huge problems with pills. Anxiety and pain. I'm a pill addict. I don't want to be. I find it hard to talk myself into stopping when it is the only thing in life that pretty much makes me feel an happiness are those periods time when on them. Yes I see a psychiatrist and am on Effexor and Klonopin. No, he has no idea I have a problem. Only one person knows and we aren't friends any more. He is an addict and alcoholic. I am ashamed to say but I am also afraid to not get the pills anymore.....hence my pill addiction and problem. The only thing I can say say that is good is that I haven't had any Xanax for about a week and am out but I am fine. I have Klonopin left.
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My desire to use and take these pills is higher than my desire to stop and be clean. Bottom line. Sadly
I guess cause I am so depressed and feel hopeless and am so TIRED of feeling depressed and crippled by it that I use other things. Do I want to die? No, although I have thought about it. One 3 things keep me from taking my life. My 2 nephews and my boyfriend. Those 3 things should be enough to make me stop.
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