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I sometiems forget to take my zoloft, sometiems for days.  What should I do for a missed dose?
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im sorry i cannot help you with your question,but i was wondering if you could help me.
im currently suffering from servre depression and cannot sleep , i am not on any medication alto i have been giving prozac to take scared of the side effects etc,,
do u think meds are a good place to start in my road to recovery? i would be very greatfull if you would reply thank you
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I have been on the max dose of zoloft for over 2 years along with xanax and therapy. I could not function without them. Zoloft needs to stay in your system. You and suppose to take at sametime everyday. I go to a shrink they specialize in these meds.They take at least 3 weeks to start working and you can only increase dose in small amounts.You cannot not skip then make up dose the next day. These drugs are mind altering and should not be played with but they do work if taken correctly.Not everyone gets side effects I feel worst without it.If one doesnt work there are plenty more but your family doctor is not trained like a physcarist.So your best going to one.It doesn't make you crazy there are plenty of people with depression and anxiety disorder;s today due to how life just is.
Hope this helps
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My 15 year old son was prescribed 50mg of Zoloft for depression and suicidal thoughts. He also has a lot of anxiety issues. He's been on the meds almost 4 weeks now and I'm not seeing much change in his moods. And he has stated he doesn't feel much better. We have an appt with our family Dr tomorrow. Should we ask to.change meds or up the dosage maybe??
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