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Zoloft & Wellbutrin

Currently 20 year old Female.

I have been taking Zoloft since I was 10 and I am currently taking 175.  I find that for the most part i'm fine but i do have bad depression days for no reason.  Could the zoloft not be working anymore?

Also I find that my sex drive is pretty much non-existent.  I haven't had an orgasm and it is extremely annoying.  Will Wellbutrin help? Is there no hope because I have been on Zoloft for so long?
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I hear that wellbutrin can help with the sex thing yes.Youd have to try though and discuss with doc.The sex problems are a common side effect.Those bad depression days could happen despite the zoloft working.I think if the depression where to stay its more likely its not working anymore. You could also try going to 200mg.But im not a doc...lily
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