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Zoloft Substantially Increases Allergies After Withdrawal

It's about two years since I stopped taking Zoloft.  I tapered off the medication and immediately afterwards began experiencing super-sensitive allergic reactions to the environment.  This was not a withdrawal symptom - I experienced the normal withdrawal symptoms during the tapering phase, and they all stopped once I had completely stopped taking the medication.  However, in the two years since, the acuity of my allergies has increased at least threefold, if not more.  

I had moderate allergies prior to taking Zoloft, and virtually no allergies while taking it, although I occasionally took Claritin for spring allergies.  However, after coming off the drug, I began experiencing severe indoor allergies to everyday dust - severe enough that I've had to hire a cleaning company to clean apartment every week, and substantial enough that no combination enough medications seems to completely alleviate it - except taking four medications - Singulair, Claritin and Mirapex and Rozerem for sleep, since my sleep has been implicated too and has been substantially worse due to allergies.  

Naturally, it would be substantially cheaper for me to simply start taking Zoloft again - not because I need it for depression - but because I never had allergy problems while on it.  But I doubt I'll do that - I'm reluctant to take a medication indicated for mental concerns simply to deal with allergies.  

I'm curious whether others have experienced substantial increases in allergies and environmental and food sensitivity after coming off Zoloft?
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This is also happening to me. I've had severe allergies after stopping this nasty drug that I never had before. Never ever in my life have I experience such horrid allergies
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