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Zoloft side effects

Had wrong date previous question. On March 31 started 12.5 mg of zoloft and tapered up every 2 weeks. I am med sensitive so have to go slow.  I am now on 50 mg and have been for little over a week.  Anxiety is better and have only take .25 mg ativan every once in a while in nervous social situations. My question is I still get crying depressing episodes once every couple of days. Will this get better or will I need a higher dosage?? I am going to stick it out till my psychiatrist appt on the 30th but want to know how or if it will get better.  I am trying to be patient and positive as my psychologist has been working with me.  I have so much to be thankful for but theses thoughts (negative) sometimes creep in and I hate it.   God bless everyone in this forum that responds as this is helpful.:)
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It is difficult for me, personally, to say whether things will improve for you, as we are all different.  We all react differently to medication.  Even though we take anti depressants, it does not mean that we wont get anxious, or depressive episodes, and cry.  When I was on some medications, like, Zoloft, I would cry a lot.  When I was on Effexor I could not cry at all.  I think we just react differently to different medications.  if this is a worry for you, best you discuss it with your doctor.  It does not necessarily mean you need to go onto a higher dosage.

Yes stick it out until you see the psychiatrist on 30th, and see what they say.  We all have negative thoughts, and I do hope the psychologist is helping you.  

I worry all the time about people on this forum, and I need to know how they are.  So please keep in touch with us and let us know how you get on.

Effexor stopped my emotions, now I have stopped it I am ultra sensitive, and get anxious and tearful a lot.  Do take care of yourself.
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