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Does anyone have experience with Zoloft? I've tried Celexa, Lexapro- but had significant memory impairment on both. I was on Effexor (75mg) for almost a year, but was too emotionally numb to keep living like that. I had minimal other side effects from the effexor, but it just worked too well! Couldn't have cried if I wanted to. I've read that Zoloft is approved for depression, anxiety, and mild associated OCD- all issues for me. Just wondering if anyone has insight into how terrible the side effects are with it, and how effective it is.
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I used to take Paxil which worked very well...loved it.  Like you, I couldn't cry if I wanted to and didn't for an entire year.  I stopped the Paxil (weened off gradually, not easy either) and now just started on Wellbutrin which I love.  You can cry on Wellbutrin too!

Wellbutrin is not an MAOI nor an SSRI, so it doesn't have the weight gain.  From what I have read it tends to have weight loss.  

I took Zoloft a long time ago and became an emotional wreck while I was on it. I believe that each drug works differently for different people.
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