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i need some serious help. I have been on zoloft for about 2 months now. I can honestly say i feel it starting to really work. I am more focused at work, i have more energy and its not so easy for me to break down and start crying over something small. i also dont let things bother me as much. Heres the problem, i have NOOOOO sex drive what so ever. I have to literraly force myself to sleep with my fiance and when i do there is no sensation down there and most of the time i do not orgasm. This is very strange because we normally have any AMAZING sex life. I had a baby 4 1/2 months ago and even after that i had gotten my sex drive back and was enjoying sex. Its like as soon as the zoloft really kicked in and started working i completely lost it. This is causing a big problem in my relationship and i feel like he is going to cheat. I NEED SERIOUS HELP!!
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Have you tried over the counter supplements to take, with your Zoloft?  Ginseng has been proven to increase libido for women.  Whether it be tablets, or just plain ole' Ginseng...
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