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Started taking Zoloft like 2 weeks ago.  Isn't really helping my depression so the doctor is going to switch me to Lexapro.  Anyway, today, I have noticed a lot of physical symptoms:  I CANNOT concentrate for the life of me, really groggy feeling, feel like I am going to throw up.  Since I started taking it, my boyfriend finds me to be impossible to deal with (I turn everything into an argument, I twist everything he says around, etc.).  Right now, the doctor wants me to wean off the Zoloft and next week introduce the Lexapro.  Just wondering if anyone else had this issue with Zoloft (50mg/daily).  I also have severe anxiety and will be taking .25mg of Xanax as needed.  Oh and how well does Lexapro work?  I have taken Effexor in the past for a few years, was awesome (minus coming off it!!)...took it again almost two months ago and didn't like it (first week was good, but then it didn't do anything).  Told the doctor, she switched me to Zoloft, nothing...except two weeks later these side effects and also the aggression.
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I take a small dose of Lexapro. When I started it at 20 mgs I found that it made me really tired. So, I dropped it down to 10 mgs with my Drs approval. You might want to think about starting on 10 mgs at first to see how that goes. It does help with anxiety. I found after about a week I felt better. The anxiety was better within a couple of days. Can I ask if you have insurance? I'm asking because Lexapro is expensive. It does go generic this month but is still costly. What I do is get the 20 mgs and cut them in half. There is only a few dollars difference in these two doses.
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Yes, I do have insurance.  I really doubt the Lexapro will help with my anxiety...it is pretty bad.  I'm hoping for it to help with the depression though.
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