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A real story of a friend of mine:
Before she was on zyprexa she could sleep but she had intensive dreams and those dreams frightened her.
She took some pills for weight loss and those pills gave her a weakeness in her body. When her family saw this they called an ambulance and took her to the Mental health hospital.
She knew that the weakness in her body was due to the weight loss pills she took but could not fight with her family.
The doctors gave Zyprexa to a her. After a couple of years she asked the doctor to interrupt zyprexa as she has read about the side effects of this drug.
After two weeks without Zyprexa she couldn't sleep properly for 2 nights. Than she decided to go to the doctor and ask to continue the treatment with Zyprexa.
After this she read on internet forums that it's normal not to be able to sleep properly after one interrupts Zyprexa treatment. She takes 5 mg of Zyprexa every evening.
Now she wants to interrup again but the doctor doesn't want to. What can she do? What can you advice me?
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She should learn from her experience in the past.  Stopping this medication was not a good thing for her and her doctor knows this and that's why he/she is discouraging her from stopping the medication.  It takes several weeks for us to feel the full benefit of the medication and often once we are feeling better....we think we no longer need the medication. But we normally do.  She needs to listen to her doctor, not only does he know best but if he weans her off this medication then she will be back to square one again asking to be put back on it.  This medication is for a mood disorder and a doctor wouldn't prescribe it if he felt she didn't really need it.
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