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My doctor has put me on Lamictal 25mg in the morning with my usual morning dose of Efexor 150mg. He has also put me on Zyprexa 5mg to help me sleep, as my sleep has been very broken, and I became very anxious. Will it be difficult to come off Zyprexa as I don't want to be permanently on this ? Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.
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From what I have heard about Zyprexa, it is that that difficult to come off. No withdrawl I mean.

As for the Lamictal. Only 25mgs a day? Do you mean that is your starting dosage? You have to ramp up Lamictal dosage slow. I am at 200Mgs of Lamictal a day and it took me 2 months to reach that effective dosage.
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My psychiatrist wants me to take Lamictal 25mg for a week and then up to a maximum of 50mg. But it is the Zypexa that worries me, I really don't want to get dependant on this. Thanks for replying, it is good to know that I am not alone.
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50Mgs a day for Lamictal is WAT too low to produce any effect at all. At that low of a dosage one may not want to bother taking it at all. The absolute minimum effective dosage for Lamictal (Lamotragine) is 100Mgs a day. any less is like taking a sugar pill.

As for Zyprexa. It's been offered to me many times, but after reading to many bad stories here about Zyprexa I was too afrade to give it a try.

I can't help but wonder why your doctor is not aware that 100 Mgs a day of lamictal is the absolute minimum dosage. Why would he stop at 50?  
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