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can anyone out there give me some info on this med .i'm just starting to take it.thanks so much.I'm on 10mg.
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I was wondering if you have heard of abilify? I've been taking 10mg for 2wks and i was just seeing if you heard any feedback on it .good/bad??
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Yea charlotte, I took Abilify with Pristiq. (On different meds now) The Abilify was added a few months after the Pristiq because even at 100Mgs the Pristiq was just not working good enough.

At the time Abilify was a very new drug so I was wanting to try it anyway. I don't want you to go only by my experience with Abilify, but it failed to help me much at all even at higher dosages. Then again you must also understand that I am VERY medication resistant and only the most powerful psychotropic drugs work for me.

Refarding side effects, I really didn't get any from Abilify, then again I have been a human lab rat for 20 years so I don't get side effects from too many meds.

Abilify is designed as an add on drug to an existing antidepressant that your already taking. Think of it as kind of a booster for your antidepressant. This is what is called Augmentation. Augmentation can be done with many different drugs for our condition. I use Lithium and Lamictal to augment my antidepressant which is a tri-cyclic.

Only bummer about Abilify is the cost. it can be very expensive. It works for a lot of people and may work for you also. Give the Abilify a good 6 weeks to work at full effect. Keep in touch and if you need me you can always PM me.
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Hensley258 my body is also tolerate to meds and thats not good. I"m also on Lamicatal but I don"t know if that helps any. It seems it takes alot of meds to work on me. I do say I give them time.it seems like you are striaght on your meds.I'm glad to hear it.Doesn"t it feel good to feel normal.I have a ways to go yet. I just need to get my meds fixed ,could be awhile. take care       charlotte885
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Question: Does your depression alone (not the meds) make you very sleepy and lathargic with no motivation?

Just asking because mine does and I found that a good Neurotenergic antidepressant worked much better for me. Maybe it would for you also.

Just an idea to think about.
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Yes, It seems like you are alot like me with my depression. Thank you for your advise. i will talk to my Doctor.
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