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add,adhd,manic depression,bipolar??

The list goes on,they all resemble alot alike..o here's my question,someone who  is depressed,from 3rd grade up,learning disability was diagnosed with adhd..Has trouble completing task or attention for long periods,moody,get angry sad or happy fast..Some one who day dreams alot,one that goes through stages were they wanna sleep all the time and then can go months runnings off of a ouple hours of sleep,one who's forgetfull been diagnosed is school for short term long term memory loss,don't remember a thing from 13 and under,and then for the short term i'd be walking around the house looking for my keys and their in my hand.Stressed,nervous,anxious,scared,worry alot about past and present..Feeling like i don't got it together,not organized at all,it's hard to start the dishs and finish them,i get depressed n wanna sleep when i have to do something i can't or like cleaning the housesoo much over whelming,get angry..Feeling like i got no one,no support,not a friend,no family who loves me..Something's are hard to understand,which makes me think and think about it,frustrated alot.. i listed alot of symptom's and I'm wondering can someone really have 4 or more things wrong with them or is it a mis diagnosis? So far i been diagnosed in school for the short term long term memory loss,adhd for not being able to concentrate,depression which i agree i have,they also diagnosed me in 3rd grade n up with a learning disability,it was always rough hard in school especially in math,seemed no matter how much i tried noone could teach me,then bout a year ago a teacher told me i do my math backwards,they way i do it he would get the wrong answer,i teach myself bc noone was able to get me to understand,which makes it frustrating and just that much more wanting to quit..I'm not getting no disability or anything,never have..When i was in 11th grade i dropped out was hard,now i'm wishing i never did bc being in special ed is what helped me graduate and being an adult u dnt get many choices or much help,i've tried 3 or 4 time going back and they expect me to be were i left off at,my attention span is low everything i was tought in school would have to be repeated the following year along with introducing knew things too..After i do it a couple times i remember it,it all goes back to my memory and i have to say my memory at times is really bad..My cousin told me i said something and asked why i said that and i must have blocked out or something bc i did not hear myself say that but i had bout 3 ppl say so,i'm just wondering if it happened other times.I talk in my sleep always have, if any information on what you think would be of some help,i'm doing my research and will continue,i'm smarter than it sounds when i list all my faults medically that is,I feel like im at the line of retardation but im not ,my iq is borderline,which i hear someone explain it as my brain dont remember it never grows it stops as tho a normal persons with continue too..Ughh it's frustrating,if iam indeed their i'm stuck in between 2 places being normal and education wise not normal..I cried when i took my test when i tried going to get my ged everything i should have known i didnt and it made me feel that much embarresed about myself..i wanna fix the problem,my parents didn't help me when i was little..I'm grown up now,i learn things at a much slower pace much more slower time than ther ppl,what u got last year i might just understand it now,im capable of learning just takes a lil longer,it's been frustrating wishing i could of had it fixed when i was younger and being older it's soo much to consume in one day on a daily basis along with ur life and urr stress that come's with..I'm not a doctor and all the symptoms are in alot of these,i don't understand why it wouldnt be just one ,how can a person in this world possibly have more than 4 medicall problems wrong with them that lasts a life time?
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Hello, It was very difficult reading your post as it is one long paragraph and takes time to read it like that.

I would like to know who diagnosed all these symptoms, and what medication you are taking?  Could you perhaps write again a bit more clearly.

We would like to help you.  yes people do have more than one medical problem that lasts a life time.

Could you tell us what you have been diagnosed with, and why you disagree?
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By the way I meant to tell you that manic depression and bi-polar are the same thing.  It was called manic depression but has now changed its name.
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Sorry was trying to squeeze it all in and i still didn't get everything in their..I'm seeing a phycologist think thats what their called from oaklawn he prescribbed me welbutrin 300 mg for depression and adderall 30mg for adhd,he said both of them would elevate my mood,and my sleeping problems..I was also diagnosed with depression when i was in 7th grade for suicide back then i spent some time their,but i'm not suicidal,i deff wanna live just strugle with life and the thing's tossed at me.. So yeh i'm taking medication for that,but i've researched other thing's and was wondering if it could be something more? I thought depression was bipolar i read up on that just different forms of it. i was looking at spd just a little bit ago and i got alot ,alot of those symptoms..My learning disability obviously i don't take medication for not sure what they can really do about that,i was in special ed from 3rd grade and up..I just don't understand how 1 person can have soo many thing's wrong with them and noone ever seen it or if it could be possible and what would you do? I hate taking medication always have but i wanna succeed in life and be a good mother,if this is what i gotta do i'm gonna do it,i seen 2 of the phycologist the one refeered me to oaklawn and the court ordered them to put me on the med's..I was and still am going thru alot in my life and they apparently are scared i'm gonna break down or harm myself bc my past and bc my past n future for being depressed..
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I'm just curious why their are soo many out here that are all almost the same thing just a few thing's different and i mean just a few,like spd and adhd,add,and depression so far almost ressemble the same symptoms that i have read so far. But my learning disability and memory loss was diagnosed in 3rd grade then again in 6th grade.I seem to understand alot more now then i did back then or even a few years ago,their's somethings i just don't know how to explain how I feel or might come out in a way that you would read wrrong so imma bypass that,but overall this is me,i don't like that i feel i can't succeed in life because all this,i love spelling was my strong suit's but i'm used to txtin'g so i used a little in my writting,not good in grammar..Forgot what i wanted to say,mind went blank..But i do wanna throw in their i always was accident prone,thought i just had bad bone's growing up,i twisted my ankle's i couldn't even count never broke but always badly spranged just standing their i'd twist it or walking down the street,i'd run into walls,ppl door's,then it was funny..I havn't done that much lately but one in awhile.Maybe i have but i'm used to it so i don't really realize how much i do it anymore.
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Here's a couple more symptom's i've had since i could remember as a kid,never could sleep uness the room was dark,no matter how hot it is i always gotta have my big comfy blanket and a loud fan to sleep with,i never fit into one group and still don't,i've always talked to everyone and still do,sometime's when i do go to sleep i'm up every hour,other times i can sleep real deep for an hour or two then i'm up off and on,but morning i don't wanna get out of bed,can't force myself too.Never had patience to sit somewhere for a long time,become figity,aggrevated..Always have and still do bite the inside of my cheeks,i've cracked my knuckles since 3rd grade,I'm deff not organized and never have been,i can find thing's much easier with a messy bedroom then an organized one,if it's clean i'm spending an hour ot two searching for what i need,was always hard doing test and things at school cause the distractions from other kids and thing's would bother me.remembering what other's say,guess you could call it selective hearing,but other wards i hear u but forget what you said,I can read a whole book and still couldn't give you a story on it,i found that a picture book helps me better,long as i can put a picture with what i'm reading i remember it better.But then not sure if i'm just memorizing it.I've always multitask..If i don't i feel so lost,long as i'm like doing dishs and cooking and watching in on a tv show i'm okay i get thing's done real fast,but if i just cook and that's it it seems to take me forever to even get it started.Still have trouble reading a clock that's not digital,really gotta read thru it and i can't read the wrist one's,didn't learn to ride a bike till i was ten,i remember that.My mom and plenty other's say you sure can hear me when i'm mad but other than that i'm a mouse,but to me i feel i'm talking loud,if i talk any louder it gives me a head ache like a blarring radio
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as said before i'm not much on change i hate it,i sometimes have a hard time dealing with it,i think i get anxiety a bit,I'am and always been scared of spider's and snakes,now it's gotten worse,i don't like no bug's,some dog's,etc but spider's i will cry and scream over,i get goosebumps,even tho their little i hate them.I m alot better at looking people in the eyes now but not for a long time,i never likes doing it,I see more than just eyes when i look at someone.But i've gotten alot better at it.These are symptom's i remember having and some i still do and their all from spd.. But i got symptoms for adhd thats why the doc put me on that,plus depression.Anyways,any helpfull advice like i said wouldn't be greatly appreciated,i'm just seeking out if their could be one fix for all or if their's indeed more than what we've seen so far..i don't know,i can only research for soo long..I'm working with a few doctor'sand indeed i already seen a therapist and had therapy for myself..I passed on all now their just trying to find out what medication i need and how much of it,it's been really frustrating cause i've been seeing them for like 5 or 6 months maybe longer and i feel like were not getting anywere..thank you!!
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