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adjustment disorder

about 4 years ago i told i had adjustment disorder. only supposed to be a short term thing. its been 4 years with on agian off agian symptoms,  anxiety depression  social anxity. what else could it be?
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Can you say what you were going through 4 years ago? Have you worked with a counselor?
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I have not heard the expression "adjustment disorder" can you please explain what it is.  
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im am seeing a counsler next week. i tink it is depression due to stresss.
that only supposed to last lesss than 6 months. bu i still have it or maybe its something else now...
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If you have had this problem for 4 years, then it sounds like clinical depression.  Have you been taking anti-depressant medication all that time?

I have not heard a diagnosis of depression that is only supposed to last 6 months.  Who told you it was adjustment disorder?  Was it a doctor?  How does the doctors think a counsellor will help?  You say you are stressed.  Has this been going on for all the 4 years.

I do hope the counsellor helps you.  Sorry to ask so many questions.  I am trying to understand what is wrong with you.

Take care.
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i was counsler that said that  i will be going next week to find out more.
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my depression goes up and down alot w ith sometimes i feel real good for about 20 mintues or so. i dont know whats worse the depression or my anxiety .but try to hide the depression sure is  hard and hiding it probly makes it worse.
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From Wiki - "Adjustment disorder occurs when an individual is unable to adjust to or cope with a particular stressor, like a major life event. Since people with this disorder normally have symptoms that depressed people do, such as general loss of interest, feelings of hopelessness, and tearfulness, this disorder is also sometimes known as situational depression. Unlike major depression however, the disorder is caused by an outside stressor and generally resolves once the individual is able to adapt to the situation." That means you need counseling and it doesn't have a set time but 6 months may be an estimate given that you work with a counselor.
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Thank you for explaining that.  I sure learn something new every day.  I do hope slashpic feels better soon.
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