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adverse reactions to prozac

I have been taking 40 mg PO QD on and off for 10 years for depression. I recently restarted my Rx again after being off for 3 years. Is it possible to develop adverse reactions like tremors to this Rx even if I never had any side effects during previous treatments? I have been on my current Rx for 2 1/2 months now and my tremor seems to be getting worse. Im scheduled to see a nuerologist in a few weeks and don't know if I should stop the Prozac first and see if it is the cause of the tremor. Please advise. Thank you.
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I think the neurologist has to determine that! In about 3-12% of studies about Prozac, there were reported tremors as adverse reaction, depending a little bit on cause of Rx. On the other hand, 1-5% of persons included in that study who took placebos reported exactly the same. It could be other reasons too. I was ready to blame trembling on the use of citalopram, but when I cut down on coffee, I learned something else...

Someone else than me might have a better answer?
I'd consider pro's and con's for discontinuing a medication - that's never advised without having checked it off with the prescriber's input.
Me? I went against medical advice last time and quit my medications but I have a SAD to battle and as long as sunlight provides I'm pretty stable (I think?)... *giggles*

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