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alone,scared,and dont know what to do.

How bad is it really when you are actually afraid to even write on here ? It took alot to just write this
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It IS very very hard to admit that we need help, whether it be with depression, anxiety, or any other issue.  Can you share a little more about your struggles?  Have you ever sought professional help before?  Have you been diagnosed with depression?  Or any other disorder?

We're here to help, you're among people who understand.  Hope to hear from you soon.
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This was a very big step for you and we're glad you found us!  It helps a lot to be able to talk to others about what you're enduring, especially here where we all understand.  We're always here for you to help in any way we can, so we hope to hear back from you!!!
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Yes i have been diagnosed with Anxiety,Depression, and i have many health problems. Since i havent been able to work since 2003 over time things have gotten much worse. My wife has given up on me since i got denied disability due to not enough medical evidence due to the fact i have had no insurance for years .Still fighting for State help though. I am barely keeping alive these days due to the fact my heart is having problems .Im sorry if im not making sence im feeling really confused right now .
The thing i have the most problem with is i have a wife that wants me to die and almost happened twice this year. I dont know if you can or not but feel free to look up my profile.
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I know what you mean when you say it took a lot of courage to write here.  I was in a very dark place when I joined.  We do know what you are feeling.

At least you have made a start, you have contacted us.  Well done.  I do hope it helps to know there are people here who car.  Keep writing.  We are here to listen.
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