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anafranil or ssri

Hi, i have been trying to find the right medication for severe depression and a new problem that came after the depression 3 months ago which is ocd instrusive thoughts that never had

I first was put on zoloft which within 24 hours skyrocketed suicidal thought/ feelings so immediately stopped.

Then put on lexapro which did same thing.

Now doctor is thinking of seraquil or anafranil.

I know anafranil is a different type of antidepressant than an ssri but my question is if anyone knows if anafranil will be less harsh in creating suicidal thoughts? Just seems ssri no good. Hopefully anafranil will be less

Now just scared to take anything almost feel like giving up everything as no hope 4 me at all.

Please anyone with knowledge on the difference in ssri and  anafranil let me know

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You can also get the info from the manufacturer's site or talk to your pharmacist who sees many patients who take these meds.
Everyone's experience is going to be different and yours seems unusual to get suicidal thoughts the first day. I wouldn't think the med would have much effect that early - fwiw.
Thanks to u both. No i never had thoughts like that always was athletic and happy. It started going down hill after the loss of my little baby girl in september but i was getting better and happy again for about 2 months i was better then came me always checking the stove if it was left on as i have other children as well and worried about carbon poisoning. Then checking the doors if locked. Then weeks later after all that developed came the constant thoughts of suicide which i dont ever want to do. It disturbed me greatlt and felt so sick by the thought and urge / impulse to do it. Its like a nightmare. Now when i wake up have extreme anxiety now as well to my stomach. Yes i am extremely sensitive to all meds but hopefully i find the right medication to end this at once. Id rather go through all physical pain than deal with this just horrible

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I'm not a psychiatrist, but I personally would take either of those drugs for depression.  You don't go into what you mean by intrusive thoughts, but as I keep saying on here, OCD isn't just intrusive thoughts, the true form is being obsessed with repeated ritualistic behaviors that if not performed make you really nervous.  All those suffering with any kind of mental problem has obsessive thinking or they wouldn't have the problem -- anxious people think obsessively about being anxious and depressed people think obsessively about being depressed.  As these disorders proceed, if not checked, these thoughts get worse and attach to more and more things, but that isn't OCD.  I only mention this because your psychiatrist is only suggesting you take clomipramine because it got FDA approval to treat OCD.  But it's also a very difficult drug to take -- most people get pretty harsh side effects from this one.  The other doesn't treat anything you have and is being used off-label, which means for unapproved uses.  Seroquel was illegally marketed for all kinds of things because of its sedating side effects.  You can learn this stuff by googling any drug you're considering.  I've been through this, having been diagnosed incorrectly with OCD by a quack psychiatrist -- it's a fad now to label way too many people with it -- and then later when I got OCD from a bad reaction to stopping a medication I was taking.  If you want to try a tricyclic antidepressant, the class clomipramine is in, there are many of them that are far easier to take than that one, such as imipramine.  You can also look into the snri class.  But the fact is, all drugs that affect brain neurotransmitters come with the warning they can cause violent and suicidal thinking.  Often this goes away as you get used to them, and usually is more common with young people, but the danger is there even if you were taking anti-smoking drugs.  It's a product of altering brain neurotransmitters, not the type of drug.  Anxiousnomore also brings up something to think about, which is, you got this after one day?  That is very unusual, and might mean you're just very sensitive to these drugs.  Now, clomipramine can be effective against OCD, but your main problem is severe depression, and that is what is likely causing your obsessive thinking, so I'm thinking any drug that successfully reduces your depression will reduce this thinking.  If you decide to try the tricyclics, talk to your psychiatrist and ask if it wouldn't be better to try one that is easier to take for most people than clomipramine and leave that one for if nothing else works.  I'm also wondering, did you ever try Prozac?  It takes longer to work and stays longer in the body, so it might be an ssri that you do better with than the shorter acting ones.  Just a thought.
Sorry, said I would take these, meant wouldn't take them.  Oops.
Also, do you sometimes get suicidal thoughts without those meds?
Everyone's experience is different, so anything I say about me is just going to be anecdotal - so not reliable at all.

Suicidal thoughts are obviously dangerous, so make sure you connect quickly with your doc immediately any time that they crop up.
Don't give up just because it seems like things won't work, because often you have to try a few meds before one works, again the reason is because everyone is different.
When you are depressed it seems like this is the way it will always be simply because depression can be so encompassing all day long, but if you get lucky and find a med that works then you will find what it means to be happy again.

I would ask the psychiatrist or even your pharmacist if they think this med can make you suicidal on the first day because if not then you need to have them try to figure what is making these thoughts.
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