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any insights with the mixture of lamictal and depakote?

I've been taking lamictal for years and I suddenly got really bad migraines so I went down 25mg. my psychiatrist and physician is suggesting I take depakote with it. this is all new to me and decreasing lamictal has made me a lot more anxious.... if anyone has had any experience with the two together I would greatly appreciate any thoughts ideas or opinions.
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Hi kd , check out DRUGS.com , and plug them in to the drug interaction checker.  May be useful.
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I am not familiar with this combo. You said your anxiety came when you decreased 25mg of Lamictal. It's possible that your anxiety is a withdraw symptom from the Lamictal. It may not be a large dose but with some drugs and people's body's a small decrease can have withdraw symptoms.

If you do start the Depokote, your anxiety may disappear.

Also check out CrazyMeds.com. It is very helpful too.

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Thank you. I checked out those sites. anyone every experience suicidal thoughts with this drug?
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I've taken both but never together. Lamictal much more effective for me at higher at higher doses. Very important with lamictal to taper doses slowly. Good luck!
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After 5 years of being stable with lamictal, I started getting crazy headaches, all day long, and strange suicidal ideas that didn't feel like my own. I don't know what happened, it was a really great drug for a very long time. a few doctors speculations suggested meningitis. After going down 25 mg the headaches were less frequent and now being down at 75mg the headache and neck pain are much less frequent.  I still get those strange thoughts but I can't tell if they are less or more often. I'm scared to talk with anyone about them. The plan with the doctor is to get off and see what happens and possibly switch to depakote. any insights??
thank you again.
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