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anyone else add Buspar to Effexor to help reach orgasm?

I have increased my Effexor to 225mg and cant orgasm. My dr put me on Buspar too, and said that would help. anyone else do this? does it help?
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Are you seeing a psychiatrist or a regular doc?  I'm neither a pharmacist or a psychopharmacologist, but Buspar is supposedly a relaxant although it has never been shown to work well in clinical trials.  Most often these days, and this has been a drug that for many many years has been in search of a use that it proves to work for, it is used as an adjunct to an antidepressant when anxiety persists.  One thing you can do is Google whether Buspar is used for this purpose and see what you find, because if you're seeing a regular doc and not a psychiatrist, you'll probably end up knowing more about the drug than your doctor in a half hour or so of research.  The only drug I've ever heard of being used for this purpose is Wellbutrin, but I don't know if you'd add that to an snri such as Effexor rather than an ssri because Effexor is already a stimulating drug as it targets norepinephrine receptors and Wellbutrin is also a very stimulating antidepressant, but it's something to enquire about.  
I guess I should have been a bit more detailed, by saying it's supposedly a relaxant or anti-anxiety med it is probably sedating, and it's hard to see from this layperson's perspective how adding a sedating drug is going to help with your problem, but again, this is something you can research from better sources than us such as Googling it on the NIH website or the Mayo Clinic site etc.
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Do NOT overtake on Buspar.  Causes severe Restless Leg Syndrome .  Ask re: Abilify.  Are you on the depressive side?  Abify has NO sexual side effects.  What is your diagnosis?
I'm no pro, know?
Abilify has a lot of side effects, which is one reason it was only approved by the FDA for depression that didn't respond to any other medication.  It is often used in conjunction with other meds for this reason.  Although sexual dysfunction is rare, it does happen to some.  
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Not really helpful. I added it but it only helped a little. You need to use Cyproheptadine 2-3 hours before sex. You may even need Cialis or Viagra if your erections are weakened due to Effexor as mine were.  
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I take 150mg Effexor XR and 22.5mg Buspar.  I use 8mg Cyproheptadine before sex.   Cypro makes you tired so you might want some coffee before you engage.  It blocks ssri and ssni action so don't use it daily.
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