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anyone on zyprexa for depression

i am taking citalopram and zyprexa for depression. i am on vicodin for shoulder pain. since i have been on the pills i have not needed my pain pillls. i am wondering if anyone has experienced this. did the depression cause my pain? i have not had any bad side affects on the zyprexa. in fact i have so much energy now. i tend to get into deep depression so bad i can hardly get out of bed. i have been taking the zyprexa for about 4 weeks now. the doctor put me on since my citalopram needed a boost. the med i take is vicodin. and i wanted to get off it anyway. i take 3 a day. but now i do not need them. i have noticed my blood pressure is way up since i have gone on the zyprexa. only side affect.but i also started smoking again. i have read the zyprexa cause low blood pressure. i cannot find anywhere it cause high blood pressure. i hope it is just my smoking that is causing it. i am going back my quit on that.
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Very important to keep in mind that for people with Major Depression Vicodin or any Opiate based drug can worsen the depression and anxiety.

As far as your Vicotin, I think it's great that your getting off them and doing so will only improve your depressive condition further.
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I have been to doctor with all sorts of things and had blood tests and ultrasound scans.  All clear.  Now to have a CT scan.  I ask myself, is it all in my head?  The pains are real enough.  So is the nausea and dizziness and the loss of appetite, but all could be symtoms of depression.  I once had strong pain killers that brough on depression.  Best to get it all looked at though.  Can't help being like this.  Well done if you think you are able to quit smoking.  Now you look after yourself.  Keep in touch with the people here.
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thankyou. i am hoping to stay off them. i always take a vicodin in the morning. now i forget half the time. as i was saying my blood pressure is up,. hope it is just the smoking. i will be out of them, cigarettes ,in another day and i will be done. heck! they cost a fortune! thanks again.
as i said the doc said zprexa does lowers your blood pressure. my body is is so different . my blood pressure went from 112/73 to 158/86 that is a big jump for me. i am on meds for it. but even on meds it is hgh now.
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i .too have suffered depression for years . i am sorry to hear you get migraines. my mom used to get them so bad. i have never had one. i am going to try quit smoking in a few days. well, no try i am GOING to.
and i see you have quit taking your antidepressants. when i was so depressed i was nauseated . i was not dizzy. and since i am taking this new med i have no more pain,. i see the doctor in another few weeks again. if my blood pressure keeps going up , i will go before that. you take care of yourself and thank you for replying to me.
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