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basically can you be depressed and not know?

hi, I have chronic fatigue syndrome; my dad are poor communicators and yesterday he gave me some unsolicited (and useless) advice. cfs is a very trying mysterious condition. he was implying that my symptoms are depressive - which annoys me the **** to heII. so generally i had been feeling ok - usual exhaustion, but emotionally sound, i think. then yesterday's very poorly transactions, i was crying like an infant, mad, upset, hurt, very grieved. then i simply went NUMB. then had 2 hours sleep overnight due to restlessness. today thankfully feeling not so damn tired but mad as ****. want to die to end the pain. yet don't want to kill myself if that makes any sense.
then i wonder - am i depressed and don't know it?
does anyone here have depressive state after having an anger event?
thank you
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I think it's fairly common for people to be depressed and not realize it.  The best definition I heard for depression is that it's not about feeling blue so much as it's not feeling the full range of emotion.  Wanting to die to end the pain, tired, numb that would all be indicative of depression (which can also be part of a larger issue too).

I find that many of the basic "Are you depressed?" tests are fairly accurate (there's nothing like being in the ER for something unrelated and someone quiz you on depression and then look at you while telling you that you are, in fact, severely and dangerously depressed).  

I've found that anger can be born out of depression, at least for me if it hits a nerve.  I'm less able to think rationally and refocus my anger in a helpful way.

I did find Dialectical Behavioral Therapy helpful...and therapy in general.  I'm of the mindset that therapy can be extremely useful no matter what your situation.
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thank you! i found a little quiz that indicates dysthymia; sounds about right. wow, this is news to me. i'll investigate dialectical bt, later too. it sounds too hard right now :) i appreciate the comments
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Yes you can have depression and not know it.  Happened to me.  I was very surprised when diagnosed.

I never found therapy helped me, but we are all different.
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