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being friends with Mia and Ana *****

Mia helps me get skinny easy but Ana always has to be a downer and tell me I won't be skinny until I'm down to 90 lbs she says it's an ideal weight for 5'3 I've been friends with them for 2 months and I've lost over 30 lbs (183, 2) but Mia lets me eat what ever I want but after 15 Mantua she says it's too much calories it cant stay. I'm always sad now. People still call me fat and it makes even more sad because I'm trying but I guess not hard enough. Sometimes I just cry myself to sleep.
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I'm 180 lbs and only 5'3 I've only lost 30 lbs so far.. I'm still fat
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This is a link to the website.

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Ana and mia is a term used by people with anorexia and bulimia. Unless of course you are suggesting that you have befriended real people? If they are not real people then I guess they are they negative thoughts you hear in your mind, telling you to make yourself sick and starve yourself. For many sufferers, it can take on a voice, unlike your own and it can seem as though you have no control over it. Almost like a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.

Your name is promia, which means making yourself physically sick in order to get thin? You are underweight but still probably feel and think you look fat. Your other post in the eating disorders community says you eat 400 calories a day. Counting and restricting calorie intake and all the other things, these are all things that fit the criteria of an eating disorder.

Medhelp is not a place where you will find handy tips etc on eating disorders. It's a support group for people wanting to help one another, or for people willing or wanting help. You seem to be in denial which is a shame.
As for depression, the only thing you can do is visit your doctor and explain about your mood.

If you ever feel you need support, the RIGHT kind of support I mean, not support to help you make yourself more ill; then Medhelp is always here. But most if not all members here will probably tell you that your mood is directly linked with your eating issues.

I have battled with EDs since I was 12 and it became my life. I went through denial too for a while but I never want to go back to that place ever again. It's only percieved happiness and control. The voices which can put the fear of god into you, they are only thoughts which you have given too much power. They are like a poision, a poisonous parrot sqwuaking horrible things, but you need to learn to throw a sheet over it and tell it to shup up.

It pains me that I can't help you more but you won't acknowledge that you have a problem.

The only other practical advice I can give you is that 1, you do not brush your teeth immediately after making yourself sick, it brushes the acid in your digestive juices directly into your teeth. So essentially your brushing your teeth with acid. Just swill some mouth wash or toothpaste for a bit and brush them a little later.

Secondly, please give this website a visit. It is very very informative and helpful.
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I'm sorry for making you all upset. But I don't have an eating disorder until I'm thin.
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People, especially young adults or teens will often say nasty things, especially when they realise they have hit a nerve. That does not mean that what they are saying true.

I often see young girls on the internet now claiming that their anorexia or bulimia is not a problem but a lifestyle choice, and have began to personify their illnesses. This is SO wrong.
You have not found a lifelong friend, you have found a self destructive monkey, that's gonna fight to stay on your back.

This will never stop at 90lbs, the goal posts will shift and your illness will not be satisfied until it has you either hospitalised, or dead.
I'm tired of seeing this illness being glamorised.

You need to break this vicious cycle NOW. Visit your doctor, he can set you up with the right professionals. You might get meds for your mood but then again, starvation in itself is a depressant.

You are probably starving and exhausted. Which makes it all the easier for 'ana' to manipulate you. Don't lose this power struggle. Life gets so much better if you try to recover. These internal bullys will put you straight on the road to ruin so please don't mistake that for a friendship.

I have been battling anorexia and bulimia for 8 years now and I'm as good as I can ever hope to be but every day is hard work to keep those demons away, please please get help. This saddens me so much.

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Maybe you should stop listening to other people. You BMI is 15.9 meaning you're severely underweight. I would start seeing someone about this because it's called anorexia and it can cause a lot of problems.
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