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I'm bipolar II, ultradian and medication-resistant. After 20 years on psychiatric medications - I took cymbalta for 12 years - I have the beginning of primary hyperparathyroidism. I also have hashimoto's and hypothyroidism. Last month, after hypercalcemia and severe depression in spite of 120 mgs of cymbalta, I tapered down my psychiatric medications. Now I'm SEVERELY depressed. Not suicidal. I think I should start an antidepressant, again. I inquired into ketamine injections, but was rejected due to brain surgery at age 27 and current epilpsy. I would like to ask my neurologist about the vagus nerve stimulator for depression - it was offered to me for epilepsy, years ago,  but I refused. That is my last hope, and I'm afraid I will be turned down. So I'm wondering if zoloft, which really worked for 7 years, may work, again. Does someone have an answer?
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