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can depression symptoms get worse?

ok when i get depression i get anxiety with it.i think it started about 7 to 8 month ago,u know just feeling low in mood,going to the doc etc.and about 6 months ago i moved in to a friends house with her to 5year olds,and before i move in with her i was thinking no i shouldnt move in with her,i was get anxiety over it,i should of listened to myself.so a week after i moved in with her,i started to get a couple of symptoms a mild ache were u feel heartburn and a mild ache between the shoulder blades so have anxiety as well "GAD" i looked up the symptoms on the net and i just went to the worse one,so over the time i have been here i have had a chest xray and bloods taken and i am fine,i am not taking anything for my depression and anxiety,well my doc is trying to get me on antidepression drugs,i have been on and of drugs since i was 17 i am 32 now.so over the last 4 months i have just keept worring about the symptoms i have and i belive they have gotten worse like my middle back pain and chest pains arm pains and i am starting to pop pain killers and muscle relaxing drugs,to make it go away,i belive so strongly that i am dieing,i belive that i have what i think i have,even though my docs,say that i dont and that its depression and anxiety,i cant remember how many times i have been to the doc over the last 4 months.
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do you see a psych doc or a family doctor
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both whys that?
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cause I think the anxiety is causing you fear.  it does the same thing to me.  it makes me think things are worse than they really are.  
What kind of symptoms are you having?
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Very good response.......
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