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can you be involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital because you stopped taking your medications?

i'm 17 and was in a mental hospital about 2 years ago for attempted suicide. i spent 5 days there and was released. i haven't said anything about suicide or hurt myself. how ever my mother knows i have a razor blade in my room. i haven't been taking my depression or add medications and i have mood swings where i get really angry. my moms threatening to admit me again. can she?
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She is desperate to help you.   It looks like you have given her no other options.  Why have you quit taking your meds?  If they are not working, talk to the doctor about other options.  The anger may scare her as well.  You are pushing her against a wall.  You do not seem to want to help yourself and so she is trying to help by doing the only other thing she can.  Please try to see it from her perspective.  You are her child and she is helpless to help someone who is seems to not want to help themselves.  There is hope, but you have to be willing to help yourself as well.
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Your mother loves you and she is obviously very concerned about your wellbeing.I think you should start taking your meds again if they were helping you and you were feeling better when you were on them.That,s probably the reason why your feeling moody.You don,t want to go to a mental hospital again i,m sure,so take your meds and your mood swings should subside and you will feel better again and your mum will be happy.Don,t ever do anything to harm yourself as you are to special in this world,life is precious and your family loves you.Be good and take care.
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Why aren't you taking your medications? If you have a razor blade in your room and she knows that you do then she's going to be very concerned she is your mom. Get rid of the razor blade and take your medication. Especially if your having mood swings that's probably the number one reason why you are. And yes she can admit you since your under age. Please take your medication and try to help yourself instead of hurt yourself. She doesn't want you to hurt yourself and she loves you, and I'm sure the rest of your family does please get help.
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