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Is 10 mg of celexa a safe medication,,,,will it cause dizziness or othrt bad side effects,,,im also on xanax,,i took 1 pill of celexa last week and got scared and stopped it but decided i better give it a nother try so i took 1 tonight  is it a good medication
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My pharmacist said 20 mg is the normal starter dose but everyone is different. I needed 30 to get the desired effect. Who told you to use 10?
It takes 6-8 weeks for the full effect, but some people like me start to get an effect after 7 days. It builds up in your system. You need to take the amount prescribed every day to sustain the buildup and get any effect from it though.  
You can find all about side effects from a pharmacist.
I couldn't get a strong enough effect from Wellbutrin to last the day, or even enough to have a decent effect until the 4 pm clouds of grey rolled in every day. Celexa worked better for me within a week though, and after 4 weeks I had no problems with panic or depressive clouds ruining my life. After 9 months I felt great, and somehow my life has changed. You have to taper to go off it. I have been free of it for 8 days.
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If you are suffering from anxiety, apparently you can heighten that problem if you take too little Celexa. So that is a problem, experimenting and taking notes while trying to find if it is working, all the while being aware that if you don't take enough you get more tense.
I was lucky and got relief in a week, but my pharmacist told me about the low dosage problem some people get. Don't give up until you give it a fair trial, and try to find a chatty pharmacist like I did if you can who likes to help you through it whenever you have issues. I got mine filled at a pharma that stayed open 16 hours a day for more support.
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