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I have heard nothing but bad reviews for this medication and i was just wondering if there is any cause for me to stop taking it?
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Never discontinue a medication without the consent of your doctor(except in some rare cases).

There are side effects with all medications and your doctor had a particular reason for choosing this one.  Lexapro is usually very effective.

You didn't mention whether you were having any side effects so I would see the point as mute.

I would recommend you keep taking it as prescribed and see how it works for you.

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Cipralax is the same as Lexapro. Actually it is one of the more effective SSRI medications on the market today. I know a ton of people having good results with Lexapro, including myself.

It's not hard to find plenty of negitive things written regarding Antidepressant medications.
Studies show that 50% of people that take them do not actually need them to function day to day. This kind of over prescribing to individuals that do not actually need AD medication is what results in many of the horror stories you hear.

The reality is that any Antidepressant medication can have disasterous results for anyone that takes them and doesn't actually need them.

Not all, but the vast majority of bad reports you read regarding SSRI and other AD medications are from people that were trying to take these medications to attempt to eliminate real problems in their life.

These types of medications were never designed to be used for such a purpose. They are designed for people that suffer from Depressive and anxiety dissorders that are the result of Bio-chemical imbalances in the brain that cause severe mood and anxiety dissorders.

This fact does not stop most doctors from prescribing these medications to normally functioning individuals that have suffered types of life trama that induce sadness and loss. For these types of depression, medication is not a wise choice.

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