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depersonalization disorder

Hello I am a 22 year old female dealing with what I think might be Depersonalization Disorder. This past June my body shut down. I was stuck in bed for about 4 months.  No body could figure out what it was. I couldn't eat, I couldn't stay upright for more then a few minutes, all I could do was sleep and even that was hard because my dreams were so vivid I hated sleeping. It was all around bad news. Laying done for so long really messed up my body, my muscles started to go, I got dizzy every time I lifted my head, I got panic attacks in public etc. After going to every "top" doctor in NYC and having intensive scans and blood work done nothing was found other then Tachycardia, Anxiety , Depression and Hypotension. I even went to the MAYO clinic for a week. I started swimming which got me out of bed. Once my doctors and family heard it was basically just depression they pretty much turned on me as if I had nothing wrong. I have improved a lot, but one thing that has not gone away is this out of body feeling. Someone through MedHelp suggested I look into Neuralgia-  but after reading about it, it doesn't seem to fit what is happening. I keep thinking I have something going on with my inner ear giving me Vertigo. This out of body feeling used to come in and out but this past week it hasn't gone away and I am worried I am stuck like this. I wonder if when I was laying on my back for 4 months something happened with my nerves in my head and something just hit a switch. I feel out of body, disconnected from myself, my voice seems far away, I shake all the time, it is hard for me to get anything done because I am always light headed. I feel like a ghost, or like I am living the slow motion portion of a movie. I wake up and feel so dizzy I lay back down, I feel like I have very little control over my body. I am becoming more depressed because I can't find an answer. I cry everyday out of frustration. Xanex doesn't make it go away, it just calms me down. I NEED ANSWERS or else I have no idea what I will do, because I can't live like this. It is greatly limiting my life and doing a number on my mind.
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