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depressed mother

im 23 i have 2 kids and a husbend but yet i am depressed all the time and feel like i have no one to talk to. their are days where i feel worse then others my worst days i just want to curle up in a ball and dissapear. my best days i can get up and play with my kids and others i just want to sit arround the house and watch tv. i take a depression medication and some days it feels like it istn working. im lost and dont know what to do if anyone has any tips please let me know.
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Some depression medication can make you feel worse and not seem like they are working because eventually the effect of the medication wears off.Do you get the opportunity to get out and go places with your husband and the kids or is that not an option.Hobbies are great for depression,they take you mind off things.What about friend,make some if you don,t have many.Depression is an ugly thing but it can be defeated.Go for it.
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Hi i know how you feel im going through the same thing and hav all the same stuff u r not alone and it isnt easy ... Men dont even understand what is going on with us thts y we need to stick together
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