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depressed since quitting smoking

I forgot to add to the question I just posted that I did not have depression prior to stopping smoking and beginning the Commit Lozenges.
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I've never heard of someone being struck with Major Depression because they quit smoking.

I take it you have been properly diagnosed by a Board certified Psychiatrist as suffering from Major Depression?

What exactly are your symptoms?
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i have suffered depression when i have quit smoking. i started smoking again. i am now on meds for depression so i can quit smoking again. i do think smoking masks  emotions. there is a good site to get on about smoking cessation. it is on about .com. there is really good support there.
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The myth about cigarettes easing stress is just that. A myth.

Stopping smoking does have effects, for about 2 weeks it can be quite bad for some. Bad temper, angry, headaches, nausea, irritibaility and similar are common. These are, of course, symptoms of depression too but the difference is that after quitting smoking these effects abate quickly after a couple of weeks.

Not so with depression and it does not come and go with one's decision to smoke or not to smoke. That is simply an infividual's reading of what is going on for them.

By the way, I smoked for 35 years and gave it up 2.5 years ago with no support. Just decided to stop. And the effect on my depression? It actually made me feel better and stronger as I had finally made the decision to stop smoking. For starters saving piles of money and beaing able to breathe again. Nothing boastful about this, I never thought I'd do it and didn't until I decided I wanted to stop. Seriously wanted to stop. Until then? You're an addict as I was.

If you want to believe this stuff then go for it. Personally I think you should be looking for a deeper reason.
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I smoke myself and have never noticed any impact on my condition related to times when I stopped or when I was smoking. When I try to stop I obviously get nasty withdrawls, but it's not the same as depression or the anxiety that my depression brings.

With my Severe depression and anxiety I can relaps slowly at any given season and for no logical reason. This has happened to me in the best of times and I have felt my best sometimes at the worst of times.

Seems to be no ryme or reason to it. I think it's more med related in my case. I just don't get but 6 to 8 months from any med combination and then I start to slide down. Like the meds just stop working in a progressivly downward fashion.

Problem is that I'm running out of med combo options after so long with this condition. LOL! I fear ECT may be in my future. I'm like a walking Lab monkey.
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Hi Carly,

Part of my problem is I am addicted to Commit Lozenges (have used them for almost 2 yrs.)    I am going to acupuncture next week - the acupuncturist treats addictions.      I have a close friend who has quit smoking 3 x but goes back, even after being off for 13 mos.   She gets very depressed when she quit cigs. & one time even crashed her car when she was off the smokes.
I joined a site Quit Net.com when I quit the cigs and it is a great site.
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My depression worsened at summer's end.    I am thinking of trying full spectrum light therapy.    A phsy. dr. who specializes in substance addictions prescribed Wellbutrin for me 1-1/2 yrs. ago.   He felt my depression was from the quit smoking.   I only took the Wellbutrin 3 days as it may be so hyper and so short-tempered.    Good luck
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