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depressed teenage girl ?

Hi. I am 16 years old and I have been facing alot of hard times lately. Nothing serious, I just seem to have been getting in trouble alot more and making bad choices. Obviously this has lead to me feeling sad, but lately it feels out of control. I feel like I cant even wake up in the mornings and I have lost all intrest in school and family. I lash out at family and I seem to be losing those people close to me. I have been thinking about suicide alot lately but I wouldnt actually do it. All day I feel depressed and I have feelings of dread and pent up sadness, my teacher noticed today and suggested I get professional help from a doctor. Would you consider this clinical depression or would you consider this hormones and me feeling guilty about getting in trouble and stress from school?
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Its sounds as if things are of concern, especially having thoughts of suicide but only a psychiatrist could provide a diagnosis. Depression is very treatable though. I would speak to the school guidance counselor and see if they can talk this through and suggest where to go from there unless the tetacher has some direct referrals.
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Please do not brush off your symptoms as "hormonal" or something to do with being a teenager! I have come to realize that I have suffered from anxiety & depression since a young age and wish I had sought help much sooner than I did. Don't wait until you hit rock bottom to ask questions about what you are experiencing. Talk to a school counselor, your doctor, a trusted family member, anyone, but please don't ignore your concerns. You know yourself better than anyone and if it concerns you, you should look into it. You should be proud of yourself for recognizing these changes in yourself and looking for help!
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