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depression and anxiety

im a 27 year old female seeking for professional help. i dont even know where to start.I feel that i just dont belong to this world. i have thought about suicide.But my to daughters are holding me.im current on medication for anxiety and depression but that seems to not work for me.i have  a lot of racing thoughts that has to do with my past and my present. i do not understand these world. sorry i do understand these world but the world does not understand me.i dont know if its because i dont speak up for myself but is that people are so judgemental.anyone  give me an advise? please!!!!!
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It sounds like you are going through deep depression, I am so glad you posted on here, You do belong in this world and although it feels like no one understands you, that i think is the depression talking. I think it is so important for you and your daughter to get help. Unfortunately i am not a doctor but i have been through my fair shear of suffering as well because i have bipolar. You are not alone!

Could you back to your doctor and see if you could try a different medication for your depression and anxiety if it isn't working? The thing with ant-depressants is that its kind of a trail and error thing so just because it hasn't helped you doesn't mean a different one or a different dosage wont help you.
I really hope you can talk and tell your doctor about how you feel and maybe get referred to a psychologist who can help you work on coping techniques. Also if you are not already with a psychiatrist that might be a good idea as they have more knowledge about depression than a normal GP.

You can talk to me if you want, you can message me if you want it more private.
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god moring i just woke up and feeling so depress. i dont get it. i have my family my kids even though i try to hold what im feeling just to not worry my mother or others. its just in to me.sorry for my grammar and typing. my english is not to good..iits that everywhere i go i get critized and it hurt me when it should not..i go to church to feel better but i feel worst because people dont even care  talk to you or meet you. i suffer from postraumatic disorder. and i dont smile often i dont have a pretty smile even though i know im pretty but some people say im a hater with out knowing me it really fustrates me. i miss my old me when i did not care about anything. people like tu judge you instead of asking whats wrong with you. it really  hurts..  i know im not a hater and i had a lot of friend in my island PR but  hear in USa i havent met any friends because im shy and they start critizing me im 27 year and i dont think i should be bullied ive been bullied sinc i was a child. even from my dad and brothers. i have .a lot of feeling and i care for others but for these people  im a dumb for saying i love you.and giving an advise. i had alot of trauma events in my live and they keep happining i wish i could explode my brain so i dont have to think about this. my dad never loved me i dont even talk to him anymore he always was making fun of me a avoiding and regeting me since i was a little girl and my mother never care about me she is a nice person but she always perfer to be with her friends and always left me alone a home and i wanted her with i bagged her to stay but she never was there i had to go though my fustrations by myself didnt have know body to talk about my problems.i dont know if you understand it. but its so much ive been though.if my family dont care about me well the world shouldnt. the person who should give me love and acept me were my mother and dad and they did not that why i think i should not belong here. but a have to incredible daughter and i cry for them because i dont want them to suffer and thats what keeping me from killing my self but sometime i feel maybe they will find someone that could take
better care of them. right now i feel like a good mom. but its a long story i just have to writea book.but the point is that im holding a lot and i feel that one of these days i wont be in this planet.and then the people who never cared will be crying for my death and regret about all the bad thing they did to me.crying im saying this.what should i do i have a therapist but i dont have confidence with her to talk about all these things.i want to be a survivor but happy because in this way i ratter die sorry.please help
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Yep need to go to the doctor, all those thoughts are depression talking. Need to find medication that works for you. Good luck!
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