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depression or what?

Im new to this site but Im glad to join it.
Im not sure is Im suppressed or stressed, but I have bad mood swings.
Im a single mother of three and in our country men in position get away with everything,and I have to support the kids.I used to love life and was very methodical and disciplined, but now everything from a small chore seems daunting to me,even before I start I feel tired and Ive lost that zest for life,I had a purpose when I was fighting for the kids in Court but after four years its been going down hill,I have good kids they love me and respect me,but I see that they are having emotional issues because I have changed.The mother they knew was active and outgoing always laughing walks back 5mile after work with her office clothes and bag in a back pack and now she is moody always resting and sleepy all the time but tired after getting up and lost the will to go on.
is this a medical condition or an age factor? do I have to take vitamins at my age or do I lack anything?
Im sorry but we dont have that many doctors who take depression seriously and Im kind of scared of doctors as Ive had bad experiences before.I dont take any vitamins only basic food (rice and curry) and cereal fruits etc...please advice.
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It sounds like you have been through alot emotionally and it takes it's toll, I am a single mum to one boy and I feel thats alot. I too feel tidying up etc can be too much and I
carn't cope. Have you ever had your thyroid tested? I am underactive and it effects you
physically and emotionally it's not good.
Try St.Johns wart don't go down the road of anti-depressants if you can help it they are highly addictive and it's a hit and miss to treat you they carn't see inside your head it's
guess work.
Pamper yourself when you can, walk and try and exercise take some B vitamins and get
your children to help you you have alot on your plate!!!!
Take care
Love Lorraine xx
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Although it does sound very much like depression you need to see your doctor to make sure there are not other reasons for how you feel.  It's tough being a single mom, so make sure you are getting plenty of rest and taking some time for yourself.  You need to be at your best for your children, so get checked out right away.  I know you don't like to take vitamins, but after having 4 kids you may truly need a multi-vitamin. They take what they need from us while developing in the womb and we can suffer as a result.
I wish you all the best, and do hope you get your zest for life back.  Take care.
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Yeah Ive been under a lot of stress mum's death and my brother committing suicide after killing his wife four breakups two abortions while married and a bad divorce loosing all my own property going to work from being a housewife at the age of thirty two and an Army Husband whose influence was in every organization.I think I need therapy but our country is young to  psychiatry and depression is not understood.Ive been to a lot of doctors they give no answers.I think its a wonder I stand at all.
yes you are right perhaps I should get an overall check up I think its high time I elevate other symptoms out and find out the real cause.
My kids are good kids and they help me a lot, its I who have let them down,so I'm feeling bad...Ive been prescribed anti depressants but have no desire for them as I did not trust the doctor on his judgement of my complaints...
So thank you...
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