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depression or what?

i have noticed that i get really angry alot more here lately, i have a 12 year old bipolar daughter whom gives me a run for my money and i have noticed i have lost contact with life.. i have a 18 month old baby whom i seem to be pushing away and not really wanting anything to do with her or anyone...i will attack for anything, i cant work my mind goes to crying and just wanting to be left alone i have gained so much weight i cant sleep good... what is going on?  how and what do i say to my doctor about this?
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I'm sorry you're going through such an awful time.
It really does sound like you are dealing with depression.
What you can say to your doctor is exactly what you've just said here - tell him/her all that you've been experiencing - be open about everything and that you feel depressed and angry and are withdrawing from life.
The sooner you go in the sooner you can begin treatment with medication and hopefully some talk therapy as well!
It WILL get better.  Right now things may seem over-whelming and hopeless but they aren't.  You are reaching out for help and that is exceptional!  Now it's time to get to the business of getting better.
I really wish you the best.  
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thank you so much....  i have an appointment monday for me to talk to my doctor but i just dont understand these feelings i have had depression before when i was younger and have seen a counselor but they never said nothing,  i just get so mad so easy and fast, feel horrible and cry think that my kids would be better if i where dead, i dont understand i have gained so much weight and do not sleep well at all... i just hate this so much....
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i went to the doctor today and he gave me a good counseling and some medication, he gave me effexsor and a nerve pill, he called it a tranqulizer but said to take it only when needed so i have taken the effexsor already but not to sure on the tranqulizer,, but he kept insinuating that i could also have bipolar... i have to go back in 3 weeks for a check up after the medication i dont know much about this medication but i am going to take it cause i just pray something helps and i can get back into the life for my kids.. if you have any imput on this medication please tell me....
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hi there
I was just like you bk in 2008 when i had 2 kids i was a mess in and out of hospital thinking there was something seriously wrong with me and in the end they put me on anitdepressants to help and at first i thought they would never work and then did eventually and was on them for 6 months and fell pregnant with our 3 baby and i now have 3 kids to look after but i also have the help of my amazing husband and famly. its just these last few days iv felt funny again after being of my meds since last june. i been bk on the effexor for 2 days an feel s**t but believe me when they kick in its the best feelng ever and this time i'm gunna stay on them even if i feel alot better. for ur kids keep up with the effexor. not sure about the tranqulizer it will only space u out d u wont be able to funcatin at all. any ways take care and if u want to chat i'm here for you and anyone else as i'v been through it all before ad going through it again x
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thank you so much, i do feel better now that i know i am not the only one out there with this problem... but the traquilzer i am not taking i dont feel the need to have something like that but i will continue the effexor...  and i honestly cant wait til it does kick in lol.. but about the chat i may just take you up on that,  it does feel better sometimes to just talk about everything... thank you so much and the best of luck to you....
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