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depression treatment

hello,i am working in a marketing company and my job contains too much stress and workload,
because of this stress ,now i feel so depressed and negativity comes in my views ,to overcome
this, i am currently following treatment tips from a website, but it does not show any positive
response, please anybody tell me whether these tips are useable or not? reply with any idea..to
read these tips just visit website http://fitnizz.com/depression/how-to-deal-with-depression-naturally/
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The article lists a lot of good ideas on ways to treat depression naturally, yes.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to take a more natural approach, just rememeber that if you're still not noticing improvements after some time, then it's important to see a professional.  Sometimes, the natural approach just doesn't cut it for some people.

Good luck, hope you feel better!
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... not to be harsh, but herbal, natural, roots, seeds, may help, but if they aren't helping... do go seek professional medical help. Don't be afraid, it's OK, and be honest w/ your medical provider, how you feel, and quickly if something changes.  It's really OK!

We have lost the knowledge of when to pick, how to prepare, how to use most "natural" plants/roots/seeds.  European immigration took care of that!  IMHO
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or our European ancestors forgot to bring the knowledge on the boat, or the correct plants/seeds/roots were not here in North America, vs Europa...
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