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depression vs bi polar?

I have sypmtoms of both depression and bi polar. Ive been like it for years, although Im 'ok' for long periods of time. My mood swings can last hours, days or weeks and Im driving myself crazy!  Ive visted a dr 3 times with regards to mood swings in the last cpl of years. One old me I had pmt, another dismissed me cos he was "busy" and another sent me for hormone tests wheich came back normal. I have nt spoken to any professional about the extent of my feelings for fear of not being taken seriously or social services knocking down my door (I'm in the UK). Just looking for some support really! thanks
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Honestly, you sound like the victum of very poor mental health care.
I will agree with you. You probably have a form of Bi-polar dissorder. (there are many types)

The first step for you is to get a proper diagnosis from a good Psychiatrists. Then start the proper medications that will level out your mood and bring you back to a normal state of being.

Regular MD doctors have no clue about mental illness. I would sooner have my depression treated by a monkey than a regular MD.

(This is exactly why I am so against this push in the US for social health care. It only results is sub-standard care)

If anyone out there is "pro" for this new social health plan congress is trying to push on us then you better listen to what alison_x has to say about the quality of care under that kind of system.
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thanks for your reply it was nice of you to take the time to do so. I'm trying to pluck up the courage to go back to the doctors because when I'm at my worst I know I need help, its periods like this where I feel perfectly normal, I think I' ve been imagining it! .

thanks again
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I know it may not be easy, but when you see this MD you tell him I WANT TO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST!

I see endless stories from Europe regarding the difficulty getting an appointment with a Psychiatrist and I think it's a crime.

This is exactly why social health care here in the States will result in the end of mental health care. People get ready because soon we will have to be our own Psychiatrists as none will be avalible under the new social system. That spells a grim out look for our future care.
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Hi Alison,

Bi Polar IS depression actually. It's just a type of depression that includes mania or hypomania.

If you are unsure then a diagnosis is indeed the way to go and should be anyway as if it is either D or BP they need to be treated and not ignored.

Mood swings in BP are quite extreme and stunningly hard to deal with and it sounds like you are going through that.

But the key to a diagnosis of BP is experiencing mania or hypomania. Extreme highs where you are so secure and sure in yourself nothing is a problem and nothing is too had. You know all the answers, have boundless energy and think and talk at a million miles an hour. You have no fear and disregard consequences, such as spending money you don't have etc.

Regardless of whether you have experienced that or not a mood stabiliser (eg lithium) would seem to me to be a good way to resolve the mood swings. It evens moods out and allows you to rely on how you will be when you wake up etc.

It could of course be hormonal but so far they haven't given you an answer. That is the way to go, pursue an anser first. Ask about lithium as it is not prescribed only for bp, like myself.

To Hensley, Try not to be so bitter mate, or at least just be bitter for yourself. What do you prefer? No health cover at all? For that's what 1/3rd of US citizens have. Nothing. Don't scare people away from something you have not experienced yourself. There are many countries who have full, free health care and they are unlike the UK's NHS system altogether. Try and see how it feels for those who get no medical support AT ALL.

Australia's system is pretty good and we have choice of doctor, private or hospital etc. We pay a little of the bill but otherwise it's covered by a national health system. I would see the Obama plan as heading the same way. Try researching this stuff before you try to frighten people away. Too much Fox?
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I know what your saying whodunnit, but this isn't Australia and trust me when I say that American policy makers are experts at screwing these kinds of things up.

Being from Austrailia you have the luxury of having some faith in your government leaders to make sound choices. That is not an option we Americans have as history has dictated many times before.

There is no way to pay for this new health care reform and because of this fact vital care will be completly eliminated. First on the choping block is mental health care becayse Mental health care in the US is considered the ******* child of physical health care.
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I understand your attitude Hensley. But believe me we do not trust our government in the slightest and never will. The lot that were in power while Bush was over there spent every waking moment trying to destroy our health system but could not as we will not let that happen, the people that is.

I get too how in debt your country is but the reality is that debt was run up fighting wars that had no possible end and no return except to certain companies.

If that money had been used for health care you would now be sitting pretty, still deep in debt but with a return for the borrowed money. Can't change what Bush spent it all on but you can stop the next big spend on things that are wasted. If you, as a country, want to.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't give up and let these people have your goverment (or ours) as they will do exactly what you say if we let them. Fight the b's on every level and forget Party allegiences.

From many of the posts I read on the internet on D forums the people who need it already have no mental health care Hensley so what have they got to lose? From where I sit, nothing. If I had the same lack of health care they have today I'd be dead, 10 years ago. No question.

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thanks for ur message its nice to speak to people who have experience of feeling like ur going completly mad sometimes! I feel ok right now, really good, have actually had a very happy cpl of weeks though it is nt taking much to really p*ss me off as usual.I am going to go to drs (groan) as much as I dont want too, as I'm pretty sure I'll get laughed out the door but then again they might suprise me.

thank again
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